Individual support for you

At Swansea University we want to ensure all students have the right support and help they are entitled to in order to have a positive university experience.

“The team at Swansea have been brilliant. My lecturers email PowerPoints to the transcription team and they put them into Word documents which my screen-reader can read to me.” Jasmine Metcalfe (undergraduate studying English Language and Literature)

Support for your learning

  • Our teaching staff are experienced and trained in supporting students with particular needs
  • There are dedicated Disability Coordinators and Student Information Teams within each Faculty to discuss any concerns you have
  • Our Transcription Centre provides course and library materials in the format you need. This includes electronic text, large print, braille, accessible PDF files, tactile diagrams, DAISY audio books as well as print transcriptions of audio recordings
  • Your additional needs may mean you can record lectures so you can study at your own pace
  • Note takers, support workers and one to one study skills sessions may be available

Arrangements for Assessments & Marking

Adjustments to timed assessments can be considered. Examples of adjustments include:

  • An accessible venue
  • Use of a small room
  • Extra time to finish assessments
  • A reader, scribe, or assistive technology
  • Access to a PC
  • Exam questions in the format you need
  • Feedback and marks in the right format for you
  • Consideration for spelling, grammar, and punctuation


Swansea University have invested in a suite of assistive technology, which can assist students with productivity in their studies. Whilst assistive technology historically has focused on assisting students with disabilities, these products contain many features that will be of benefit to all students, such as:

  • PC labs including touch screen PCs
  • Resource rooms on each of the Singleton and Bay campuses with ‘Jaws’ and ‘Supernova’ software for students with sight loss

To find out more, please visit the Assistive Technology webpages.

The Library

The library offers lots of support for students with disabilities including a book fetching service and photocopying service. For more information visit the Library webpages.