Swansea University DSA Assessment Centre

Welcome to our Assessment Centre

We are the only fully equipped, main DSA assessment centre in the Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Bridgend, RCT and Vale of Glamorgan area.

You are welcome to book an appointment with us wherever you study or plan to study.

Since opening in 2004, we have built up a formidable, practical knowledge of solutions to assist disabled students study across a broad range of subjects. Our aim is that you can use your DSA support to study with the greatest possible confidence, whilst being well prepared for any challenges that may occur as you progress through your course. Your experiences will be placed at the heart of the assessment process.

Details for DSA applicants who are resident in Wales are here. If you are resident in England, details are here.  

Book an assessment with us!

We will offer you an assessment at the first possibly opportunity, but no later than 15 working days (3 weeks) from you contacting us. There are three methods of booking:

  • Via e-mail: DSA@swansea.ac.uk
  • Via phone: 01792 513000
  • Or you can pop into the centre and book at our reception. This is at Swansea University Singleton Park Campus, New Grove Extension, SA2 8PP.

Reception is open from 9.00am until 4.30pm on weekdays. Here is a link to our location on Google Maps. 

 To ensure high standards of service, we operate to a comprehensive quality framework overseen by DSA-QAG.


Our privacy statment is available here.

Assessment Appointments

Booking an appointment

The assessment is an opportunity for you to discuss the impact of your study in an informal meeting with a specialist. You will discuss how you study currently, and what areas your disability makes more challenging. Most importantly, there will be no tests in your assessment. 


Receiving Support

You should receive a letter from your Funding Body confirming if they are in agreement to the recommendations in your report.

You may have been recommended support in the following areas:


Make contact with your Equipment Supplier and arrange IT training

Your suppliers contact details should be found under Section E of your report.

Your equipment should be delivered within 2 weeks of placing the order with your supplier.

Non Medical Helpers Allowance

Please contact your institution to arrange this support. Your institutions contact details should be found under Section E of your report.

General Allowance / Travel Allowance

To reclaim costs under these allowances:

Student Finance England

Please complete this form and send to Student Finance England


Student Finance Wales

Please complete this form and send to Student Finance Wales


The Assessment Team

All of our assessors have been assessing for at least 4 years, and have developed a wealth of experience regarding the support packages available for students with disabilities throughout South West Wales and further afield. Our assessors have also worked in the Cardiff and Exeter areas.

Our assessors come from a variety of backgrounds, including Social Services, Teaching, Library Services and IT support. Our own educational experiences cover a wealth of subject areas including Geography, History, Music, Photography, Social Work and Teaching.

We are all fully trained in assistive software packages and are able to provide you with a demonstration of how these work and assist you with your studies.

We work closely with ergonomic specialists to ensure that if you require a specialist workstation this fully takes account of your needs. Following your DSA assessment at the Assessment Centre, where relevant, this specialist is able to conduct home assessments.

Members of the Assessment Team are involved in the governance of DSA acting as Joint Chair of the South Wales DSA forum, Wales and South West National Network of Assessment Centre (NNAC) Representative as well as holding a position on the DSA QAG Equipment Specification Working Group.