Professor Sergei Shubin

Professor Sergei Shubin

Professor, Geography
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


I am a Professor and Director of the Centre of Migration Policy Research at Swansea University, one of the UK’s leading centres of migration studies. My interests in migration studies and mobility and inequality have been developed through international research and teaching experiences in Russia, UK, France, New Zealand and Canada.

For the last 10 years, I have attracted £8.04 mn in research funding, including Horizon2020 award for research on Perceptions of migration in the EU, ESRC award for research on cross-European migration and settlement in Scotland, RCUK funding for inter-disciplinary research on well-being and poverty alleviation in the Amazon (ESPA), Bangladesh and India (BBSRC, Newton Fund, GCRF, UKAid). I have also secured funding from the British Council to lead multi-disciplinary international research teams in France and Portugal working on migrant integration. Over the last 6 years, I worked on several large externally-funded projects as Swansea’s Principal Investigator, securing funding and supporting six post-doctoral researchers.

My varied research outputs include multi-disciplinary publications with anthropologists, economists, historians, education scholars and health scientists, as well as 3 exhibitions, 4 short films, multi-lingual children’s storybook and an article in one of the highest circulation broadsheet newspapers.

In the last 6 years, I supervised 12 PhD students, including 4 ESRC-funded studentships. I have secured peer-reviewed national and international PhD grants for 8 students, and developed first-of-its-kind joint (double) PhD degree scheme with one of the world-leading universities, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Inequality: poverty and social exclusion
  • Critical geographies of development
  • Moving geographies: mobilities and migrations
  • Care, relation and community
  • Time and temporality
  • Post-socialism and Russia
  • Rural geographies
  • Health, “madness”

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests
2016 Youth Summer School “Geography in the Modern World” in Kaluga region.

My interests in geographies of migration, inequality and development have been established through my international teaching experiences in Russia, UK, France and Canada. One of my area of teaching interests is Moving geographies: mobilities and migrations. It explores the diversity of mobile experiences (physical movement, imaginative mobilities, labour migrations, spiritual mobilities) as a part of people’s ways of live. My teaching in this area is research-led and draws on my projects and publications, which reconsider times of migration, appropriate forms of mobility, mobile subjectivities and socio-spatial exclusion of migrants. I am actively working with the Welsh schools, international artists, migrant groups and museums to encourage different thinking about journeys, settlement and migration –find more about this in this film.


I am an interdisciplinary researcher and my previous collaborative initiatives helped to broaden my research agenda and develop ways of bringing together approaches from different fields. As a Director of the Centre for Migration Policy Research, I have a sustained record of attracting major research funding, including Horizon2020, UK Research Councils, Newton Fund, GCRF, British Council and others.

Reflecting my interests in international migration, I am currently leading Swansea university’s team on the Horizon 2020 project on Analysing and Understanding the perceptions of the EU by migrants. Working as a part of a consortium from 15 countries, I am exploring the meanings of identity, narrative and the use of language and social media to create particular representations of migrants, “home” and “destination” countries.

My knowledge and expertise in development and poverty have been applied to the recent interdisciplinary Newton Fund project, where I worked together with biological, environmental, computer scientists, epidemiologists and social scientists to tackle poverty in India and Bangladesh ( We challenged the principles measurement and calculative rationality in existing anti-poverty interventions and explored improvisation, experimentation, hope and repetition as mechanisms for critically evaluating aquaculture-led development. We have produced varied, creative and interdisciplinary outputs (exhibitions, films such as from different research fields to broaden the target audiences and develop lasting partnerships that promote research and innovation.

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Award Highlights
Winners of Research and Innovation Award, 2018
  • 2018: Winner, Research and Innovation Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts, Culture and Society, Swansea City Council (with Tanjil Sowgat)
  • 2018: Winner, Research As Art, Award for Interpretation, BBC/Swansea University (with Tanjil Sowgat and Alik Raptan)
  • 2016:  Runner up, Research and Innovation (Impact) Award for outstanding contribution to public engagement, Broomfield and Alexander (with Claire Needler)
  • 2009: Shortlisted, Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Aberdeen
  • 2008:  Research-Teaching Linkages award, Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Aberdeen
Researcher Links Workshop I co-organised in Manaus, Brazil 2016

Treasurer, Population Geography Research Group, Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers

Member, Global Research Partnership in Aquaculture (Poverty Alleviation)

Australia: Macquarie University (joint publications)

Bangladesh: Khulna University, Bangladesh Agricultural University (joint publications and research project)

Belgium: Universiteit Antwerpen (joint research project)

Bolivia: Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno, Instituto Boliviano de Investigacion Forestal (joint research project)

Brazil: Universidade Federal do Amazonas, University of Grande Rio, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), Universidade Federal do Parà (joint research project)

Bulgaria: Centre for the Study of Democracy (joint research project)

Canada: University of Saskatchewan, University of British Columbia (joint publications)

Cyprus: Koinonia Caritas (joint research project)

France: Université d'Angers, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Université de Poitiers, Université Grenoble Alpes, MIGRINTER (joint research project, doctoral supervision and publications)


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