1. Pearson, J. Improving User Interaction in Digtial Books
  2. Pearson, J. Sharing Voice Sites on the Spoken Web
  3. Pearson, J. Demo: Audio QR Codes for Voice Service Position Sharing
  4. Pearson, J. AudioCanvas: Interactive Audio Photos
  5. Sahoo, D., Neate, T., Tokuda, Y., Pearson, J., Robinson, S., Subramanian, S., Jones, M. JDLED: Towards Visio-Tactile Displays Based on Electrochemical Locomotion of Liquid-Metal Janus Droplets

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  • CSI300 Visiting Student Project IITB

    This module is the formal component of the research work carried out by students visiting for one semester (currently only from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

  • CSPM40 Human-Centred Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Dissertation

    This module will provide students with the opportunity of exploring a particular topic in computer science in considerable depth.


  • Working title: Art and Design Practices as a Driver for Deformable Controls, Textures and Screen Interactions (awarded 2020)

    Other supervisor: Prof Rory Wilson
    Other supervisor: Dr Simon Robinson
    Other supervisor: Prof Matt Jones