Dr Nicholas Owen

Associate Professor, Sport and Exercise Sciences

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Dr Nick Owen is a biomechanist specialising in human biomechanics. His interests lie both in the assessment of human performance and in developing novel instruments for neuromuscular assessment.

Dr Owen’s work has led him to several seemingly disparate areas of investigation. As well as assessing elite athletes for neuromuscular function e.g. strength and conditioning, Dr Owen uses the same techniques for the assessment of coordination in children. One long standing collaboration is with the Mary Rose Trust in which he uses the techniques of biomechanics to investigate the effects of physical activity of bones. He also has a keen interest in various imaging techniques e.g. photogrammetry and DXA scanning and their usefulness to biomechanics.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Biomechanics
  • Instrumentation
  • Neuromuscular assessment
  • Elite athletes
  • Force measurement
  • Heritage biomechanics
  • DXA
  • Coordination assessment

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

SR-142 Introduction to Biomechanics A (1st year)

SR-305 Sports Biomechanics (final year)


Dr Owen is a biomechanist specialising in neuromuscular assessment of athletes and other populations.  He specialises in the use of force measurement to assess neuromuscular function in humans. He has an interest in bone health and imaging, which combines with biomechanics led him to collaborate with the Mary Rose Trust in several projects (still ongoing) to try and develop a better understanding of occupational activity aboard the Tudor warship Mary Rose. He is currently involved in the development of novel prosthetics in collaboration with colleagues from computational engineering. He also has a keen research interest in developing novel instrumentation for the assessment of human neuromuscular function, in collaboration with engineering colleagues. 


Dr Owen has collaborated with Sport Wales, English Institute of Sport, Ospreys Rugby, Welsh Shooting, Welsh Institute of Sport, Saracens Rugby, Scarlets Rugby, British Skeleton, Biarritz Rugby, Fiji Rugby, Children’s Therapy Centre ABM, Wigan Rugby, Jaipur Foot Clinic India, Mary Rose Trust and many others