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Ben A Jones

Dr Benjamin A. Jones

Honorary Appointment (Law), Humanities and Social Sciences

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Benjamin A. Jones is a lecturer of Applied Linguistics at Swansea University. His primary research and teaching focus is on dialectology, language variation and stylistics.  He also has secondary interests in discourse analysis and media studies.

Benjamin is a specialist in the Welsh English dialect (i.e. the English dialect(s) in Wales) and has contributed to research surrounding its stylistic representation in fictional texts such as novels and film cross-referencing writers’ usages with systematic dialect surveys as well as investigating what linguistic attitudes are connected to Welsh speakers of English in fiction.

He has also written extensively on describing Welsh English’s overall historical character.

Benjamin’s public engagement and outreach includes working with schools and local communities promoting the field and discipline of linguistics as well as develops workshops on language variation and change.

He has produced two general readership works on Welsh English with the recent The Gower Glossary (2018) being funded by Swansea Council and the Gower Landscape Partnership.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Linguistics
  • Dialect studies
  • Historical linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Stylistics

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Benjamin teaches on undergraduate courses in language variation and dialect study, descriptive phonology, discourse analysis and media linguistics.