Meet our MA Cyber Crime and Terrorism Graduate, Lydia

I studied Criminology at the University of Hull. After graduation I moved to Swansea and worked as a high net worth underwriter for a number of years before returning to academia.

I originally intended to study Human Rights at Swansea when I first moved here. Life got in the way and there was a delay. When I was finally ready the university was offering the MA in Cyber Crime and Terrorism, which caught my attention and aligned with my current interests.

The best thing about the programme is the diversity and strength of collaboration. Also, personally I found that being a mature student was not a disadvantage. Coming back into academia was originally quite daunting as I was an older student in an established career but also felt stagnant. This programme opened my eyes to what other opportunities are available.

A head shot of Lydia

This is a fantastic programme, to get the most out of it be prepared to put effort in around reading. Also, you may come across sensitive images and stories, don’t be reticent to speak out if these affect you. This programme will give you skills and attributes that you can utilise to make change.

The support on the programme was great, unfortunately, I suffered a bereavement during the Christmas break and was able to reach out for support. Then towards the end of teaching for semester two we went into lockdown, despite everyone having to make huge changes and overcoming massive struggles, the support from the faculty was amazing. I am also disabled, access can sometimes be a problem, but student support and the disability office could not be more helpful. If you need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask.

Since graduating, I have gone on to join a PhD programme with the CDT, the support and opportunities at Swansea University are incredible.