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‘Innovation Steel Processing Accelerating the Circular Economy’ is a WEFO ERDF funded project that will outline in a business case the resources required to set up and operate a state-of-the-art material separation and sorting Waste Processing Plant designed to process end-of-life components. 

i-SPACE is a collaboration between Swansea University and UK Steelmakers.  However, whilst developing the business case, it is hoped the number of interested parties will expand to include additional steelmakers, representatives from the wider Steelmaking supply chain and other Foundation Industries.

The vision

To develop a technically and commercially viable source of raw material from domestically arising end-of-life components, and for this reclaimed material to re-enter the UK Steel Industry and other UK Foundation Industries.  Simultaneously, reducing the export of raw material (in particular ferrous metal), eliminating waste destined for landfill and downcycling (manufacture into lower grade product).

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The aim

To move manufacturing towards a circular economy model and improve Net Zero capability. 

In parallel to the commercial activities, there is a desire to establish a core group of research and development expertise to ensure reclaimed material is suitable for re-entry into manufacturing supply chains.

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Final thoughts

i-SPACE funding has come to an end however, the information and learnings generated during this project will support discussions with potential funders, investors and partners in the forthcoming months. 

The project’s email address will remain active project team are appreciative of the support and contributions we have received over the last 12 months.