We strive to engineer a difference and for our research to have a real impact.

Our impact strategy aims to increase the reach and significance of economic, societal, health and knowledge benefits derived from our research. We support the evolution of research ideas from fundamental levels to commercially viable and impactful outputs.

We have identified the following impact sectors:

  • Industry - our strong history of industrial collaboration has resulted in many economic and environmental benefits with companies such as Rolls-Royce UTC, Tata Steel and Aribus.
  • Health - our research engages public sector bodies such as the NHS and industry in areas from advanced rheometry for complex fluids to pharmaceutical and health applications. 
  • Public Engagement - our work with Bloodhound SSC and the energy positive and carbon neutral projects have let us share our research, engineering concepts and knowledge with the world.

Past Impact Case Studies

Printing complex inks

Research by the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC)

Printed leaflets

More Research

Rolls-Royce Gas Turbine Engines

We have made significant technological contributions to gas turbine efficiency

Rolls-Royce turbine engine

Improving anti-doping education

Our research has contributed to approaches that deter athletes from doping

Cyclists, Tour de France

Enhancing performance in elite athletes

Our research has contributed to the pre-competition strategies in elite sport

Elite swimmers