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The University Research Ethics and Governance Sub-Committee has the overarching institutional responsibility for research integrity.  The committee provides policy direction to ensure that appropriate structures, groups, and processes are in place in Colleges for conducting ethical reviews of research. The committee receives referrals from, and resolves issues of research integrity from College Ethics & Governance committees and other internal ethical approval bodies/groups.

The Committee reports to the Committee for Research & Innovation Strategy (CRIS) and Senate

University Research Ethics & Governance Sub Committee

Terms of Reference

  • Ensure that the University complies with the commitments of the ‘Concordat to Support Research Integrity’;
  • Own and Implement the Policy Framework on ‘Research Integrity: Ethics & Governance’;
  • Oversee the work of University committees with particular responsibility of research ethics and governance matters, including College Research Ethics & Governance Committees, Sponsorship Review and Approval Committee, Animal Welfare and Ethical Review process group, and any subject or area specific oversight groups or sub-committees;
  • Monitor compliance with internal ethical policies/procedures and external regulations/legislation relating to research ethics and governance;
  • Monitor, review, and where necessary update policies and procedures relating to research integrity: ethics & governance;
  • Provide assistance and guidance to Colleges, to ensure that appropriate mechanisms and structures are developed at Colleges for the management of research ethics and governance;
  • Ensure that research ethics and governance is a standing agenda item for the College Research Committees;
  • Ensure that research risk is managed appropriately and that risks are mitigated for business continuity and emergency planning;
  • Promote best practice and encourage consistency in matters of research integrity: ethics and governance across the University through training and raising awareness;
  • Ensure oversight and compliance of sponsorship requirements, audits and inspections by external bodies (e.g. MHRA, HTA, UKRI, Internal Audit Services);
  • Update and disseminate all institutional research integrity related documentation with a view to ensuring stakeholders awareness of the processes relating to research integrity and governance and ethical approval; and
  • Approve and review periodically subject-specific research ethics and governance frameworks produced by the College Research Ethics & Governance Committees.


  • Academic Dean Research Integrity (Chair)
  • Chairs of College Research Ethics & Governance Committees
  • Academic Dean Postgraduate Research
  • Director of the Institute of Research Ethics & Law

In Attendance:

  • Professional Staff representatives from Research, Engagement & Innovation Services (REIS)
  • Professional Staff representatives from other departments (as required)
  • Human Tissue Governance Officer
  • Research Governance Officer
  • Manager of Swansea Trials Unit.
  • Research Integrity Manager (Secretary to the Committee)

Frequency of meetings: Once a term with the option of special meetings when required.

Minutes of the University Research Ethics & Governance sub-committee are available upon request. Please email