Episode 14: Using electronic tags to protect endangered species

Zoology professor Rory Wilson talks about how his research helps to prevent endangered animals being poached. Rory explains how he tracks the movement of endangered species using electronic tags and how this data is used to protect them. He helps humans and animals to successfully cohabit and analyses the impact of the human environment on animal behaviour.  Rory talks about his fascinating work with penguins, albatross, elephants and tortoises.


Zoologist Professor Rory Wilson has been named as one of the BBC’s top 50 Conservation Heroes. He has also recently been granted prestigious Humboldt Research Award. His research tracks the movement of animals and he set up the Swansea Lab for Animal Movement (SLAM). His research has taken him all over the world and he has tracked the movements of over 70 species. Rory is a penguin specialist, and has been known to be frequently interrupted by them.  

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Review: Protecting endangered species - Amazing and informative

I have really enjoyed listening to Rory Wilson’s experiences whilst working with animals, particularly with the feisty chinstrap penguins of Antarctica! Thought-provoking and informative.