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At Swansea University, we join with universities and academic organisations around the world in condemning unequivocally the Russian state’s decision to invade Ukraine. 

I am sure that I speak for our entire University community in expressing horror and outrage at this unprovoked act of war, and the brutality, suffering and displacement which has followed in its wake.

We stand with the people of Ukraine in defence of their sovereignty, independence, and democratic freedoms.

We also stand with the many Russians, both here in the UK and in Russia, who are appalled by the actions of the Russian state and who often put themselves at serious risk in showing their opposition.

At Swansea University, we are proud of our diverse international community of staff and students, which includes both Ukrainian and Russian members. All are part of our University community, and are entitled to our support and understanding at this time. We are clear that as a society, we must not ascribe the abhorrent actions of governments and state actors to the citizens of aggressor nations.

Colleagues across our University are working to offer additional support to any staff or students who are facing particular difficulties at this time, including by reaching out personally to those who may be concerned or worried for loved ones.

As a University, we will also pledge our support to the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA), in line with our ambitions to become a University of Sanctuary. Both CARA and the University of Sanctuary initiative provide vital support to students and academics around the world, who are living with the catastrophic impacts of war and conflict.

All of you affected by this war and its many impacts remain in my thoughts. Details of the support available for staff and students can be found here:

Support for students

Support for staff

Professor Paul Boyle, Vice-Chancellor

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