A headshot of Dr Emrys Evans and Dr Annie Tubadji

Two academics from Swansea University are among the latest recipients of the Learned Society of Wales’ medals, announced at the Society’s AGM on Wednesday, 19th May.

The medals celebrate the achievements of the individuals honoured and the strength of Wales’ academic culture, from its universities to its schools.

Both Swansea University’s Dr Emrys Evans and Dr Annie Tubadji are recipients of this year’s Dillwyn Medal, which recognises outstanding early-career research.

Dr Evans, a Royal Society University Research Fellow in Chemistry, has been awarded the Dillwyn medal in STEMM for his research in organic semiconductors.

He is currently studying a new class of materials with potential applications ranging from optoelectronics to quantum information science.

On receiving the medal, Dr Evans said: “I am thrilled to receive this, and want to thank my mentors, collaborators and students from past to present.

“My research explores molecular materials that could enable more energy-efficient light generation and create the basis of new technologies.

“I grew up in Swansea and am excited to have returned last year and to lead my research from Wales.”

Dr Tubadji, a Senior Lecturer in Economics, receives the Dillwyn Medal in Social Sciences, especially for her Culture-Based Development (CBD) contributions on cultural bias, inequality and discrimination.

Most recently she has focussed on inequality, mental health and polarization during the COVID-19 crisis, work that has gained international coverage.

Speaking of the award, Dr Tubadji said: “I am delighted that of all the medals, The Learned Society of Wales has chosen to award me with the Dillwyn!

“The Dillwyn family have shown by example that my Culture-Based Development (CBD) paradigm works in practice: using art and science as a tool, they once shifted the cultural and economic gravity from London to Swansea. Even Wittgenstein preferred Swansea to Cambridge then!”

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