Politics and International Relations, based in the Department of Political and Cultural Studies, is one of the leading research-led units at Swansea University. We challenge our students to investigate the wide and complex issues arising from how our societies are currently organised in political terms, both domestically and internationally, and how they should or could be better organised in the future.

Politics and International Relations

In this video, Dr Matthew Wall answers questions about the study of Politics and International Relations at Swansea University and discusses some interesting aspects of the degrees.

In this video, Dr Matthew Wall, Associate Professor in Politics, presents a taster lecture to introduce you to some of the topics which you will cover in your Politics Degree at Swansea.

In this video, Dr Emel Akcali, presents a taster lecture dicussing Global Pandemics.

In this video, Associate Professor Luca Trenta, whose main area of expertise is US Foreign Policy, presents a session on why studying International Relations and US Foreign policy can help us understand recent controversies and issues. This video was recorded at the time of the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020.