Philosophy and PPE

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Politics, Philosophy and Economics subject talk

Find out more about the challenging and rewarding study of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at Swansea University. Dr Paddy McQueen discusses how this unique subject allows you to develop skills in economics, political knowledge, and philosophical skills, focused on critical and creative thinking.

Philosophy Subject Talk

In this video, Dr Paddy McQueen discusses the study of Philosophy at Swansea University. He talks about the nature of Philosophy, why you might want to study Philosophy, and explains what our students can expect from this exciting degree

In this video, Philosophy Lecturer, Dr Anna Bortolan outlines her range of research interests and teaching modules.

In this video, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy and Philosophy, Dr Patrick Cockburn outlines his interests and how this is reflected in his teaching at Swansea

Dr Paddy McQueen, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Programme Director for Philosophy and PPE Programmes, outlines his wide range of research interests and how they shape his teaching at Swansea University.