Subject Session Meeting Points

Subject (length of session) Location Time slots
Applied Medical Sciences (1.5hrs) Grove Building  11:00
Biochemistry & Medical Biochemistry (1.5hrs) Grove Building  11:00
Genetics & Medical Genetics (1.5hrs) Grove Building  11:00
Graduate Entry Medicine (1.5hrs) Grove Building  11:00
Healthcare Science (1hr) Glyndwr  13:00
Medical Pharmacology (1.5hrs) Grove Building  11:00
Midwifery (1.5hrs) ** Glyndwr  12:30
Nursing (1.5hrs) Faraday  11:00
Occupational Therapy (1hr) Glyndwr  11:00
Operating Department Practice (1hr) Grove Building 12:30
Osteopathy (1hr) Vivian 12:00
Paramedic Science (2hrs) Glyndwr  11:00
Pharmacy (1hr) Grove Building  11:00
Physician Associate (1hr) Grove Building  13:00
Population Health & Medical Sciences (1.5hrs) Grove Building  11:00

Midwifery Tours

**As part of the NHS Open Day on Saturday we will be running tours of the Midwifery suites. These will run at 11, 11.30 and 1.30 from the Taliesin registration desk (building 32 on map). There is no requirement to book a tour slot in advance of the Open Day.