Our music scholarship scheme is designed to support the scholar's development as a musician, within the context of our ensembles and choirs and the broader musical life of the city. The main part of the scholarship is given as instrumental or vocal tuition, plus a modest bursary. In return, we expect scholars to fully commit to participating in one or more of our choirs and ensembles.

We offer three types of scholarship:

  • Instrumental Scholarship – awarded to instrumentalists, who are generally expected to play in one or more of the main ensembles (Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Big Band);
  • University Choral Scholarship – awarded to singers, who are expected to sing in the Choral Society’s main choir and/or the Chamber Choir;
  • St Mary’s Choral or Organ Scholarship – awarded to singers or organists, who are expected to participate in the music of St Mary’s Church, Swansea. These are funded jointly between the University, St Mary’s Church and the Swansea St Mary’s Choral Trust (SSMCT), so the arrangements are slightly different from the other two types of scholarship. 

We expect our music scholars to become fully involved in the musical life of the University and/or St Mary's Church (as appropriate), and to perform in our annual Chancellor's Concert in the Great Hall.

Scholars receive the following benefits:

  • Up to fifteen hours of individual tuition per year in their instrument or voice
  • An annual bursary of £300 (Instrumental and University Choral Scholars), or £650 (St Mary's Scholars)

How to apply

All types of scholarship require the submission of an application form and references. For instrumental scholarships, we assess applications on the basis of a video audition; for choral scholarships, a face-to-face audition is required.

Scholarships are available to all students studying on taught degree courses:

  • UCAS applicants may apply for instrumental scholarships in advance of their arrival in Swansea. The deadline for these applications is 1st April.
  • Current students may apply for instrumental scholarships at the start of the academic year. The deadline for these applications is 15th October.
  • Applications for Choral Scholarships (both kinds) are only accepted from currently-enrolled students; the deadline for applications is 15th October.

To apply, please complete the appropriate forms, and send it to music@swansea.ac.uk.

Details of the documentation and audition requirements for the scholarships are included with the relevant application form.

Regulations and eligible instruments

The scholarship scheme is governed by the current Music Scholarship Regulations, which includes a list of eligible instruments for the instrumental scholarships.