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'I am, to a large extent, where I am thanks to my years at Swansea University'

Anupama Subramaniyam‌
(MA Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations)


Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations

Dr Sian Rees discusses three exciting postgraduate programmes: MA Communication, Media Practice and PR; MA International Journalism; MA Digital Media.

Take a look at the research undertaken by our Ph.D, M.Phil and Masters by Research students.

Our PhD Students

Naomi Steele

Thesis: Delweddu Cymru a'r Rhyfel Mawr: Portreadau o Gymru a'r Cymry mewn rhaglenni dogfen am y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf, ac effeithlonrwydd y genre dogfen wrth gyfleu effaith y Rhyfel ar gymunedau yng Nghymru ac ym Mhrydain.

(Portraying Wales and the Great War: Portrayals of Wales and the Welsh in First World War documentaries, and the effectiveness of the documentary genre in conveying the effect of the war on communities in Wales and Britain.)

Supervisors: Dr Gethin Matthews (Hanes/History) and Dr Elain Price(Cyfryngau/Media)


Introduction of research: By studying Welsh-language documentary programmes, as well as English language documentaries, from the 1960s up to and including the Centenary, my research will consider and analyse how the contribution of Wales and the Welsh to the First World War is conveyed and appreciated within documentaries, and the effect the war had on Welsh communities and families. Also, how the history of Wales and the First World War is different to the history of Britain and the First World War, and how these documentaries have changed in in their structure and presentations.

Neil Woollard

Thesis: Algorithmic Politics: Political Communication in the Fourth Industrial Age

Supervisors: Associate Professor William Merrin and Dr Leighton Evans


Introduction of research: My research explores the evolution of political communication and its impact on society. Framed by machine learning, algorithms, big data and behaviour, I will seek to unpack how political discourse is transformed for the fourth industrial revolution.


Yalan Wu

Thesis: Young People, Media And Social Activism: A Case Study Of Occupy Central Movement 2014 In Hong Kong

Supervisors: Dr Yan Wu and Dr Rhys Jones


Introduction of research: My research tries to explore in what way and in what degree that Digital Communication Technology (DCT) functions in social activism. My thesis also examines how DCT’s young users influence a life circle of a social movement.

Alex Yell

Thesis: A screenplay exploring masculine identity in contemporary Wales and a supporting exegesis which will investigate the ways in which the cinema of Wales constructs culturally and nationally specific forms of masculine identity.

Supervisors: Professor David Britton and Dr. Elain Price


Introduction to research: I shall be attempting to create a screenplay which identifies and explores contemporary masculine identities in Wales, which sees the protagonists navigate forms of masculinity inflected with codes and signifiers specific to Welsh culture. Additionally, the supporting thesis shall investigate constructions in masculine identity in the cinema of Wales. This will utilise a research framework which draws on structuralist, psychoanalytical and post-colonial theoretical modes.

Yakun Yu

Thesis: Soft power and media publicity - a qualitative analysis of media representation and reception of ‘China’s Dream’

Supervisors: Dr. Yan Wu and Dr. Richard Thomas


Introduction of research: My research aims to track the message dissemination journey of ‘China’s Dream’ from Chinese official sources to the public’s reception of this concept in the U.K. By examining the media representation of ‘China’s Dream’, my thesis explores whether ‘China’s Dream’ will decrease China’s soft power deficit internally and externally.

Bonny Apunyu

Thesis: Exploring the Role of Cyberspace and Social Networks on Migration; The case of Poles in the UK

Supervisors: Dr Leighton Evans and  Dr Joanna Rydzewska


Introduction of research: This study seeks to find out how cyberspace and social networks influence migration, aiming to explain the depth of migrant social networks and how they impact on migration. Drawing upon  the case of Polish migrants in the UK, I will attempt to investigate how transnational and local migrant social networks operate in influencing decisions to migrate and maintaining settlement.

Shasha Zhao

image of Shasha Zhao

Thesis: The Use of Chinese Social Media Among Overseas Chinese Students: Expressions of Nationalism and Networking Practices in the United Kingdom

Supervisors: Dr. Yan Wu and Dr Leighton Evans


Introduction of research: My research gives to take the Chinese international students from British universities as the main research objects and investigate their networking practices on Chinese social media. By examining online nationalistic expressions and practices, my thesis explores how Chinese diasporas engage in cyber-nationalism as a form of identity politics. 

Sarah Elisabeth Williams

Image of Sarah Elisabeth Williams

Thesis: Digital and Media Literacy Education

Supervisors: Professor William Merrin and Dr Leighton Evans


Introduction of research: This study aims to conduct research that will add to, broaden and extend the research currently available regarding the provision and requirement of digital and media literacy education. Although digital and media literacy is potentially a global issue, it is recognised that it is beyond the scope of this study to conduct research on this scale. Therefore, this study proposes to evaluate and analyse the current educational digital literacy initiatives and programme provisions in Wales in order to, analyse and identify potential inadequacies, and identify the social and cultural implications and impact of the current digital and media literacy provisions. In addition this research aims to contribute to the current and active debates surrounding digital and media literacy such as those in the House of Commons Digital Culture, Media and Sport Committee interim report- published on the 29th July 2018, and final report published on the 14th February 2019.