Welcome to History at Swansea

Study History with us at Swansea University. Our staff are leading scholars in their fields and are committed to teaching and public engagement. We work with museums, heritage bodies and the media, and our students benefit in a variety of different ways, being able to take advantage of placements and research opportunities.

From the Medieval period to the modern, our expertise covers a broad range of areas, approaches and themes. We pride ourselves on our high-quality teaching and employ a wide variety of methods that extend far beyond the conventional lecture and seminar. Our students are involved in group work, presentations, placements, projects and field trips. Our aim is to make studying as stimulating as possible, whilst also developing students’ skills in preparation for the workplace.

Our research feeds into our teaching and we are committed to ensuring our research has an impact in and outside academia. Every year Swansea historians publish books and articles, appear on television and radio, and give talks at conferences, festivals, and international research events.