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We have limited, free and discounted entry codes available for Swansea University students, staff and Alumni . Contact our fundraising team today to claim your code. The team will then get in touch with a step by step guide on how to enter and  become part of 'Team Swansea'. Together we will, 'Make Strides for Mental Health'. Register to express your interest in running for Team Swansea here.

Why run for Team Swansea ?

Register now to support better mental health for everyone, from safe spaces for student nurses to suicide prevention for future generations.

Registered charity no. 1138342

From first steps to the finish line, let’s make strides.

Ryan Jones Campaign Ambassador

Making Strides for Mental Health from SwanseaUni on Vimeo.


Ann Jon

Children and Young Peoples mental Health

Professor Ann John and her team of researchers within the Medical School are exploring young people’s mental health, as well as suicide and self-harm prevention.

“It feels like we can make a difference - in a very different but equally important way - as my days in direct clinical care.”

By supporting this important medical research, you can help us save lives for years to come.

Student Support

Students Walking on a beach

Student Support

Mental health issues are on the rise among young people. After living through a pandemic, our students are now faced with the Cost-Of-Living crisis. In these uncertain times, it’s more challenging than ever to adapt to life at university and the challenges it brings. Our Wellbeing service provides excellent support to our students, but we are always striving to do more.

Supporting our students’ wellbeing will give them the best possible start for their future careers.

A Resilient NHS Workforce


A Resilient NHS Workforce

The nursing profession is in crisis; there’s a shortage of staff and many nurses feel that patient safety is at risk.

The Hub will give students an opportunity to discuss their experiences with fellow nursing students, healthcare professionals, and alumni nurses who have been in their shoes.

The skills our nursing students gain from their studies, and the support they get from the Hub will ensure that you and your relatives get the best care possible, from labour wards to care homes and everywhere in between.


Swansea University Swansea Half Marathon 2023

Swansea University were proud to sponsor this year’s half marathon, which saw 5000 runners from all over the world take part, including 100 staff, students and alumni as part of Team Swansea! Our runners did us proud, raising over £18,000 for our making Strides for Mental Health campaign which will help us to continue our research into children and young people’s mental health, support our students’ wellbeing, and provide a vital support hub for student nurses.

Half Marathon Runner smiling and raising his arms
Runners completing the Swansea University Half Marathon 2023

Making Strides for Mental Health

Thank you so much to everyone who supported Making Strides this 2023 Swansea Half Marathon!

You can continue to support this amazing campaign by making a donation here.

We look forward to updating you on the impact of your support and to seeing you in 2024!

Every journey starts with a single step.

At Swansea University, we’re making strides towards greater wellbeing, and believe nobody struggling with their mental health should suffer alone.

Donate now to support better mental health for everyone, from suicide prevention for future generations, to a more resilient NHS workforce and exercise on referral for students feeling the strain. 

As a registered charity, we channel many of our donations towards world class research and student support. By investing in these areas, we are making ground-breaking discoveries in health and sustainability while ensuring that our students can excel at university, no matter their background or personal circumstances.


In 2022, donations from alumni and friends supported projects in real need. Diolch - Registered charity no. 1138342