Our Fundraising

Telephone Campaigns

Over a period of three to four weeks, current students contact thousands of Swansea alumni by telephone to update them on developments at the University since they graduated and offer the opportunity to make a donation to 'Supporting Swansea'.

The telephone campaigns enable alumni to talk with a current student about their memories and experiences of Swansea University. Our students thoroughly enjoy reminiscing with alumni and you can read more about our student caller experiences here.

Make an Impact Make Waves

Wave is Swansea University’s exclusive crowdfunding platform. It enables current students and members of the University to crowdfund their imagination, develop their interests and pursue creative and innovative projects and ideas. These projects and ideas will make an impact across the institution and the wider community.

Wave gives you the control to make a difference, make an impact and make waves.  Whether you are a student, member of a team or a member of staff, Wave can help you make an impact one donation at a time. Visit – wave.swansea.ac.uk to find out more!