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Playing a critical role in any economy, this sector encompasses a range of jobs that ensure the smooth delivery of goods and services.

This page examines some of the programmes that we offer that launch students into this sector.

MSc Management (Operations and Supply Chain Management)

Senior lecturer, of the MSc Management (Operations and Supply Chain Management), Sebastian Kitching, provides an overview of the course and how it can secure you a career in the field after graduating:

Please provide an overview of the course…
The course gives students a thorough understanding of processes in any kind of business and the modules take a holistic view of the mechanics of any business. The Operations Management element, looks at the internal processes within an organisation and the Supply Chain Management element, takes understanding a step further; looking at the different processes across the supply chain and how they interact with one another.

What are the benefits of studying this course?
It equips students to work in any industry. Operations exist in all organisations; big or small. Graduates will learn the skills and knowledge to analyse processes regardless of context. Course work takes a practical approach and students are expected to apply theory to actual business problems. The course is all about learning topics which can be used in the real-world.

What would you say to international students wanting to study the course?
Course staff have years of experience supporting and teaching international students. You can expect a supportive atmosphere when you enrol onto this course. We are there to help you succeed. 

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?
Swansea University has an excellent reputation and it continues to climb UK University rankings each year, which is really positive. The University responded to all my queries faster than any other UK university and the help I received from staff was incredible. The state of the art Bay Campus is also just fabulous!

Do you feel as though the MSc helped you secure your current role?
Yes, it certainly helped. I believe I have this role because of what I studied at Swansea. The course itself is immensely beneficial and helps me to carry out the daily tasks associated with my position. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my academic life was choosing Swansea University for my Masters. I did not only learn new theories, but the University trained me to be a successful leader in a challenging professional environment. I gained knowledge of Marketing, Finance, HR Management and Strategy along with the understanding of Operations and Supply Chain Management.

What is your current role?
Heavy Force delivers complex infrastructure development projects for the government and the private sector within the Maldives. As the COO, I manage the company’s daily operations and formulate long-term strategies to achieve new goals.

My current career goal is to become the CEO of Heavy Force one day.  


I am now working for Maxam, a leading brand in the global mining civil explosives market, as a Global Fleet Planner for the MSUs (Mobile Sensitiser Units). My role is quite transversal and I am continuously in contact with all departments to organise the manufacturing, coordinate the sending and later analyse, control and report the productions of the fleet.

My civil engineering degree has helped me when I comes to the analytical aspect of my day to day at the company where I must analyse the fleet efficiency and suggest solutions. At the moment I am in the heart of the first step in the construction supply chain, and coming from a civil engineering background, it is useful to understand the whole process and different projects such as underwater port extensions, tunnel creation, quarry and big mine operations.

What could I do with an LLM?

Our LLM programmes can lead to a wide range of careers, not just in Transport and Logistics.  We have a range of case studies on where our Alumni have secured jobs after their time studying with us.