Name: Ahmad Aziz
Course: BSc Software Engineering
Year of study: Year 2 (Second Semester)
Country of domicile: Pakistan

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?
Swansea University has a lot of diversity, it was ranked 11th in Computer Science in UK at the time of my application. It is research based in Computer Study and has great teachers at hand.

Can you tell us about your course and what do you enjoy the most?
My course is Software Engineering and focuses on practical work. It is based on Coding mostly and understanding the life of a software engineer and the conventions/rules a software engineer must follow. I love the innovative approach and learning things that have recently been developed. I love the fact the course is continuously changing and improving. Graphics is my favourite part of study.

What are your three favourite things about Swansea?
I love the quite chilly breeze that in constantly flowing. The sea shores knocking right at our doorsteps. The best part of Swansea is that the people are amazing, and the environment is so friendly it and positive that you want to learn. The university promotes innovation and taking risks, which they reward if done correctly.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other international students?
If I had the chance to choose a university again, I would choose Swansea repeatedly. This has been the best decision of my life and I have enjoyed every moment that I have spent here. I love the educational system, people and the site we are studying at. The place has such a vibrant feel to it. It makes me feel relaxed and appreciate life.

Student from Pakistan smiling at the camera