Student standing in front of a white building

Name: Hannah
Course: MA Developmental and Therapeutic Play
Hobbies: Volunteering. An active volunteer at Discovery, the University’s volunteering scheme and a Student Ambassador.

"The University offers a lot of support for the international students and the staff are very friendly and approachable as well. I had a lot of opportunities to widen my social network and skills through volunteer works in the university. The living cost is very reasonable, and you can enjoy studying in a relaxed environment".

Name: Su Yi Low
Course: BSc Accounting and Finance
Hobbies: Previous president of the Malaysian Society, Swansea University cheerleader and Course Representative.

"I am from a city called Kuala Lumpur where it is always busy and packed. Living in Swansea in a whole new opposite, and the best thing is whilst I am pursuing my studies. When I’m stressed out, all I have to do is walk outside and it'll feel like a getaway".

Malaysian student smiling at the camera sitting at the table eating a meal
A group of four students standing by a fence next to the sea.

Name: Shuyi Wong
Course: MEng, Medical Engineering
Hobbies: Engineering Society, Internship summer placement scheme

"The fees are reasonable and affordable. Students here will get so much more other than the study experience here. The people are very friendly. The environment is just right for studying. I have also had great feedback from everyone I know who has studied here".