Name: Sakshi Jain
Course: BSc. Hons in Business Management (Finance) with a year in industry
Year of study: 4
Country of domicile: India

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?
I started my degree at St. Joseph’s college of commerce, Bangalore. The course was known as BBA Twinning which involved studying a year in India.
So, once I got to know about the opportunity to go abroad (UK/New Zealand) and study. I started my research and came to a conclusion that Swansea university suites best to my academic requirement. The university was ranked top 5 for the graduate prospects with an overall student satisfaction. Upon, my research I came to the conclusion that Swansea would provide me with better opportunities compared to any other university.

Can you tell us about your course and what do you enjoy the most?
I chose to study the BSc Business Management- Finance course because I believe that this course helps me follow my passion of Finance while getting important Business Management knowledge that would help me shape my professional career the way I want to. I find finance to be a very interesting course to study. The course is structured so that workload is distributed evenly throughout the year, with a good combination of coursework to develop and test practical skills and examination to ensure a sound theoretical understanding of the subject. The course covers a wide range of topics, which has allowed me to develop a grounded understanding of the subject, whilst also allowing me to choose modules in topics that I wish to specialise in. The teaching of the course is excellent, the lecturers are friendly, engaging and are always willing to help students when they need clarification. The inclusion of group work in the course has helped me to develop valuable team building skills that have proved useful on my placement.

As a student in Swansea, I experienced a great balance between my studies and recreation. Being a student at Swansea University means you receive the highest quality of education while also developing yourself as a person and also having the liberty to enjoy the beautiful city of Swansea.

What are your three favourite things about Swansea?
• Beach side campus
• The academic support we get and obviously the employability team.
• Modern Architecture

Would you recommend Swansea University to other international students?
Although moving into a new city can prove to be quiet a challenging task to a lot of students (both domestic and international), people and students are really friendly and welcoming towards the new students. The lecturers are approachable and the flexibility within the courses allows you to specialise in your particular area of interest. The location is something that made this place a great place to live with stunning beaches and tranquil parks all within a stone's throw from the campus. I would thoroughly recommend Swansea to any prospective student!

Sakshi smiling with a street of houses in the background