What opportunities did you make the most of at University that boosted your employability?

I believe completing the ACCA accredited computerised accounting program definitely added value in terms of standing out among other candidates as my role involves completing the ACCA professional qualification. The Student Ambassador role that I took on during the course of my degree appeals to employers as it indicates one’s ability to learn, adapt and represent an organisation. I also made use of the Swansea Employability Academy’s Work Placement at Santander where I learnt about the various banking activities along with crucial customer relation skills. These opportunities certainly added quality to the content on my CV.  The regular events organised by the University along with external businesses and alumni (PwC network events, EY lectures, Guest lectures by professionals from KPMG, Deloitte, TATA Steel, alumni event, etc.) certainly provided a valuable platform to network and learn from the experienced.

Have you got any advice and tips for applying to EY?

I’d suggest familiarising oneself with the recruitment process. It is crucial to seek advice by attending the lectures conducted by representatives of the respective company, getting in touch with the HR on LinkedIn and approaching the University careers team. This adds significantly to the success of one’s application process.

A few tips:

  • Start early 
  • Research the firm thoroughly
  • Attend an open day at the office of the firm if possible
  • Take time in filling out the application (application questions are just as important as psychometric tests)
  • Prepare for the psychometric tests, assessment center and interviews with the help of the University careers team.

Did you attend any careers events and how were they useful?

Yes, I attended the employability lectures by PwC and EY, the PwC networking events and the Alumni event. These events as mentioned before provide a valuable platform to prepare for the recruitment process. For example, the employability lectures provided with valuable information on the various roles and programs offered by the firms as well as an insight on what the firms look for in graduates. Upon attending the PwC networking event, I was invited to an open day in the London Office where I spent quality time networking with professionals from offices located in various parts of the world which has significantly contributed to my career objectives for the future. The alumni event equally helped gain valuable advice from EY professionals who graduated from Swansea University whom I later approached for further input while applying for my role at EY.

What one piece of advice would you give all students looking for employment after graduation?

My advice would be to first identify one’s strengths and what he or she wants to be doing for the next few years or even better their entire career. Once the initial hurdle of identifying one’s potential is overcome, I’d suggest spending quality time and working towards the objective.

Image of Leonard Savio