Name: Leonie DINDJI
Course: MA, Childhood Studies
Year of study: Master

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?
My choice to study at Swansea University is a unique opportunity for me to hone my expertise in childhood studies as I am passionate about children and social works. The course offers knowledge on children and the micro and macro environment in which they live. That will give me an overview of the different stages of childhood until the adult ones to improve their development and make good citizens and agent of change in turn.

Besides the exciting curriculum that offers my course, I wanted to study in a nice place where the teaching program is good. And Swansea attires me with the important rate of international students, the beach that makes me feel at home, and the university's excellent rank according to the Guardian ranking universities.

Can you tell us about your course and what do you enjoy the most?
I am doing a Master's in childhood studies, and I particularly enjoy the course because of its interaction, especially about intersectionality: race, gender, and class. I am a children rights advocate, and if all children have the same right according to the UNCRC 1989, it is a fact that each country has its context and functioning that we must take into account while promoting these rights. And during the class, as students, we have the opportunity to raise and discuss our background and beliefs. I particularly appreciated the lectures on children with disabilities since they offer a wide range of knowledge to deconstruct people beliefs about children with disabilities, especially when it is about autistic children in my country. In few words, I can say the course promote inclusion.

Also, the curriculum is well designed. Before coming, I had some apprehension about the name of the course, but now I understand it. It offers all the necessary tools to help children and improve their development in all contexts. I even did psychology while I thought I needed to embrace another career to understand someone's psychology. It is pretty interesting. Today I am not afraid to work for children because I feel empowered. My dream to make a career in the domain is becoming true.

What are your three favourite things about Swansea?
My three favourite things about Swansea are the nices beaches, Swansea university library and the football team.

Coming from the south of Ivory Coast, I live in an area where I can go to the beach and enjoy reading or the sunset. And living near the beach here in Swansea makes me feel at home.
Secondly, I love the library that the university offers for coming from a country where there is no library like this one. I can read a lot, find the books I look for and see improvement in my writing.

Thirdly, the football team of Swansea is known in my country. The ones who know the city will say, "I only know their football team" since we have some Ivorians who played here. Today I have decided to promote Swansea and the university on all my social media. I want people to also think about the university while talking about the city.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other international students?
Without hesitation, I would recommend Swansea to other international students, for its teaching quality and the career opportunies they can build on after their degree Swansea is an excellent place where anyone finds his/her way and passion.

Smiling female student s from the African Ivory Coast looking into camera in a rural setting