Welcome to Swansea!

Swansea University provides an ideal location for students from Colombia wanting to study in the UK. Swansea boasts strength in the STEM subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, especially Engineering, with Swansea maintaining its position as a highly ranked University in the UK.

We are a dual campus University, both are set on seafront locations, close to the city centre with a good balance of student life and study environment.

Swansea has a low cost of living, we are rated in the UK Top 10 for the most affordable University Towns (Totallymoney.com) and a UK Top 6 Safest City (Complete University Guide, 2020).

Swansea is ranked in the UK Top 15 for Graduate prospects (Complete University Guide 2021) and has a dedicated Employability Academy which provides advice and access to jobs and work experience placements for our students and graduates.

Smiling male student from Columbia in the sun in a rural environment

David Silva Bermudez

"..it’s a matter of start doing it! If you want to start living, start in Swansea!"

David's Success Story

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