FHSS Research Integrity, Ethics and Governance sub-committee

About the Faculty Research Integrity, Ethics and Governance Sub-Committee (FRIEGS)

The purpose of the Faculty Research Integrity, Ethics and Governance Sub-Committee (FRIEGS) is to inform, influence and advance the faculty-wide oversight and coordination of policies and processes necessary for the responsible conduct of research and innovation, focusing on research integrity and researcher support to promote trusted research, in accordance with the University’s provisions for Research Integrity and Research Ethics. Membership includes representatives from FHSS Professional Services and from each of the four Schools in the Faculty.

Within Faculty, FRIEGS reports to the Faculty Research, Innovation, and Impact Committee (FRIIC).

Within the University, FRIEGS reports to the University’s Research Integrity, Ethics and Governance Committee.

Research Ethics Applications

Part of the remit of FRIEGS is to enable ethics screening of all research activities within FHSS. Among other things, FRIEGS has oversight of the Research Ethics application and assessment process, which uses the INFONETICA app, which can be accessed through MyApps. Please note that comprehensive information and guidance on how to complete an ethics application is provided within the Research Ethics Applications system (the INFONETICA app) under ‘Help’ and in ‘information bubbles’ on the Application Form.

Research Ethics Screening

Terms of Reference

Faculty & School Memberships

Students should in the first place contact their supervisors for advice.

For staff, often the best advice on Research Ethics is available from others in the same subject area; please contact a colleague in your area from the list below:

Faculty Ethics Assessors

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