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Firstly, Don't Panic, We Are Here To Help

You may not have got the results you were hoping for, or maybe you have had a last minute change of heart about your future, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still study at Swansea University this autumn. We are here to help, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to secure your place at university through Clearing. It may seem as though it’s a very stressful time right now, but coming through Clearing definitely doesn’t spell the end of your career.

What Do You Need For Clearing?

We would like to help you take some of the stress out of Clearing, so have answered some common queries and provided some additional information, to hopefully help you prepare for Clearing and make the best out of the process.

Clearing Places Available in Humanities and Social Sciences

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Hear from Alistair Dickson


‘I decided to give Swansea University's Clearing helpline a call, and I was put through to a current Swansea University student; they helped me fill out my application. When my phone call ended, my application to study at Swansea University had been accepted!

I then received an invitation to attend a Clearing Open Day at the university, where I was able to have a tour around campus, as well as talk to lecturers and students about the course. This helped me feel more confident about my decision to study at Swansea and left me feeling eager to get started.’

Hear from Hrisha Ramjee


'I had a positive clearing experience with Swansea University. The staff member that I had spoken to was really helpful and polite. I was able to study the course that I had wanted to and was happy with the outcome. Once I had the offer, the university made sure that I had the necessary information going forward.

One of the main reasons I chose Swansea University was that the course I wanted was offered. I wanted to study Economics and Finance and other universities that I had listed with clearing did not offer Economics and Finance together as a degree.'

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