The BAME Student in Engineering Network aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by BAME groups in the work place by facilitating different workshops and events to promote diversity and to prepare students to enter the workforce.

Currently, the network has three work streams: Educate, Create Change, and Empower.

The network's objective is to:

  • Raise awareness of the challenges that BAME individuals face in organisations; the impact on their engagement, performance and career progression
  • Provide knowledge on how we can collectively create a more inclusive environment to support our BAME students
  • Provide tips for BAME students and staff on how to navigate institutions successfully


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Events Calendar

Our network will be hosting events every month of the academic year, covering a range of topics, cultures and platforms.

If there is something you would like to organise, or a topic you think our network should be engaging in, please let us know by emailing or signing up to the mailing list!

2020/21 Academic Year

October: Black History Month

We will be participating and supporting Swansea’s Student Union in their promotion of Black History throughout the month of October. Come along to learn about a different perspective.

Mixed Race and British

Date: Tuesday 13th October
Time: 10am – 11am

As part of the Black History Month sessions, we are hosting a session to look at one aspect of the modern concept of 'blackness'. Join two staff members who will share their experience of growing up in the United Kingdom as mixed white and black Africans. The talk will take you into schools, communities, home life and university through their eyes. There will be an opportunity to ask questions too, so come along keen to learn and get involved. All students and staff are welcome to come along!

Please register here: 

November: Focus Groups

Family Fun Day

Organisational Culture and Inequality

Race, Intersectionality and Gender