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‌‌Mandy Lane, Sculptor and Artist in Residence at the Wales Arts Review has created a number of works inspired by Amy Dillwyn's life and literature, particularly the novel Jill (1884):

Image of sculptor ‌‌Mandy Lane

"The Iron on the Dress" by Mandy Lane:

"The First Week as Wales Arts Review Artist in Residence"  by Mandy Lane

 "Sculpture and Amy Dillwyn" 

Companies House produced a blog for LGBT History Month 2018.  Amy Dillwyn registered her spelter works here in 1909.

Amy Dillwyn featured on S4C's documentary series Mamwlad  See behind the scenes at

Dr Kirsti Bohata in conversation with Dr Francesca Rhydderch

Dr Kirsti Bohata in conversation with Dr Francesca Rhydderch at the Penfro Book Festival in 2013, on the republication of Amy Dillwyn's fourth novel, Jill by Honno 

Penllergare Valley Woods: Restoration Project (lots of information about John Dillwyn Llewelyn and family)


Works by the Dillwyns

A selected bibliography of Works by the Dillwyns

William Dillwyn (1743-1842)

Diaries - Transcribed by Richard Morris, from the thirteen notebooks held at the National Library of Wales.

Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn (1814-1892)

Lauban, Transcribed and annotated by Martin Laverty, July-Sept 2009, Feb 2010, June 2011 from manuscript notes held at the West Glamorgan Archives of a lecture read to the Royal Institution of South Wales by Lewis Llewellyn Dillwyn at 8pm on Thursday, 8th ‌July, 1852.  By kind permission of Martin Laverty.

Elizabeth Amy Dillwyn (1845-1935)
[Amy Dillwyn published as E. A. Dillwyn, but in recent editions her name is given as Amy Dillwyn]

The Land of Rest (Oxford: Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge [SPCK], 1873)

The Rebecca Rioter; a Story of Killay Life , in 2 vols. (London: Macmillan, 1880).  New edition, with an introduction by Katie Gramich, Dinas Powys: Honno, 2001.

Chloe Arguelle , in 2 vols. (London: Tinsley Bros, 1881)

A Burglary, or Unconscious Influence, in 3 vols. (London: Tinsley Bros, 1883). New edition, with an introduction by Alison Favre, Dinas Powys: Honno, 2009.

Jill, in 2 vols. (London: Macmillan, 1884). New edition, with an introduction by Kirsti Bohata, Dinas Powys: Honno, 2013.

Nant Olchfa, serialised in The Red Dragon: the National Magazine of Wales 1886-87.

Jill and Jack, in 2 vols (London: Macmillan, 1887)

Maggie Steele's Diary (London: Cassell & Co., 1892)



A selected bibliography of publications about or relevant to the Dillwyns

Bohata, Kirsti, 'An original thinker and economist who liked to smoke a ‘man’s cigar’': Women's History Month 2017 in The Western Mail available via WalesOnline.  An introduction to the life and career of Amy Dillwyn.

Bohata, Kirsti 'Romantically, Passionately, Foolishly', Diva, October. Available via PressReader.
An article that looks at Dillwyn's literary portrayal of same-sex desire and the personal story on which some of her novels are based. 

Bohata, Kirsti & Jones, Alexandra, 'Welsh Women's Industrial Fiction 1880–1910' in Women's Writing 27/4 (2017) 499-516. Available online (open access) at
This essay discusses some of Amy Dillwyn's industrial and poaching scenes.

Claughton, Peter (2012) ‘Silver and Zinc: Cardiganshire, Brittany, and Dillwyn & Co. of Swansea’, Welsh Mines and Mining 2 (2012), 45-50. A copy of this article is available to download here: Claughton, Peter (2012) ‘Silver and Zinc: Dillwyn & Co.’  A version of this paper was presented at the Welsh Mines Society Conference "Towards a Better Understanding: New Research on Old Mines" October 2010. It was published by Welsh Mines Society in 2012 in the conference proceedings of the above title as No. 2 in the series Welsh Mines and Mining and is reproduced with permission of WMS' Welsh Mines Society website is

Grigg, Russell (2002) 'The origins and growth of ragged schools in Wales, 1847- c. 1900' History of Education: Journal of the History of Education Society Vol 32, Issue 3, 227-243. DOI10.1080/00467600210122603

Laverty, Martin (2013) 'Three Men and a Bird - Motley, Dillwyn, Stickland, and Copsychus stricklandii - and an Introduction to Bornean Nature for Alfred Russel Wallace',  Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol 86, Part 1 (June 2013) No. 304, 113-119 | 10.1353/ras.2013.0010