The Dillwyn Project provides talks and organises public events

Forthcoming events/talks

(by Kirsti Bohata, unless otherwise stated)

15 February, 2017 'Love and Protest: the fiction of Amy Dillwyn' at Pride and Prejudice:  A Symposium for LGBT+ History Month 2017'

In honour of LGBT History Month, the LGBT+ Staff Network at Swansea University present a Symposium focusing on the historical representation of LGBT+ people in history, literature, the media and politics organised by Cath Elms and Dr Alys Einion, Network Co-Chairs. The event will be held at Swansea University on the 15 February 2017, and will include keynote speakers from the LGBT+ community, researchers, academics, authors and individuals combining to provide an insight into the varied and valuable history of LGBT+ people. The event will also include a panel discussion on the importance of recognising and celebrating LGBT+ history.

6 April. 2017  'Amy Dillwyn - an illustrated talk on her life and career' Abergavenny History Society

April 26, 2017 'Pioneers and Radicals: the Dillwyn family’s transatlantic tradition of dissent and innovation' (Dr Kirsti Bohata)

The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion  The Medical Society of London, Cavendish Square, London

Recent events include:

8 September 2016, 'Swansea and the 1848 British Science Festival' a talk by John V Tucker and Gerald Gabb at
Swansea Museum, part of the British Science Festival at Swansea University. Sponsored by the Royal Institution of South Wales,
The British Science Festival has been to Swansea four times. The first was in 1848, when the then British Association for the Advancement of Science visited the Royal Institution of South Wales. What was Swansea like? What drew the meeting to Swansea in 1848? And what was the meeting like?  Who were the scientists visiting the town? What was the science they were reporting?  The proceedings of the meeting can act as an interesting guide to the state of science in 1848 
19 February 2016, 'Amy Dillwyn' at 'All Queered Up: Celebrating LGBT History Month' - Aberration in Aberystwyth Arts Centre
"An introduction to author Amy Dillwyn by Kirsti Bohata of Swansea University, taking in the dry humour and intense emotional life of this woman-loving, cigar-smoking novelist, diarist and industrialist."

14 February 2015: 'Now you see her...: Lesbian literature from Wales' by Kirsti Bohata at the National Waterfront Museum. A talk on representations of lesbians in literature from Wales from the nineteenth century to post-devolution Wales, including Amy Dillwyn's novels. 

'Amy Dillwyn: Loving Women in a Man's World', LGBT Month talk, 15 February 2014, National Waterfront Museum

'Amy Dillwyn: Pioneer', Swansea Branch of the Historical Association, 18 May, 2013, National Waterfront Museum

'Amy Dillwyn: industrialist, novelist, feminist', International Women's Day, Morgan's Hotel, Swansea, 8 March, 2013

'Amy Dillwyn: love and life', Port Talbot History Society, 5 December, 2012

Dillwyn Day: Science Culture Society, 22 June 2012, National Waterfront Museum

Amy Dillwyn and The Rebecca Rioter: A Literary Tour, 21 July 2012

Bicentenary of the birth of John Dillwyn Llewelyn 2010: 2010 JDL events.  This year was the bicentenary of the birth of John Dillwyn Llewelyn and a full programme of events to mark this anniversary took place. Visit the web-page: Events in 2010.

February 2010, Swansea University launched the digital editions (transcriptions) of the diaries of Lewis Weston Dillwyn (1778–1855) and Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn (1814-1892).