The Student Sex Work Project: Data mining and visualisation

The project set out to explore a large data set gathered during the course of The Student Sex Work Project through the use of data visualisation and data mining techniques. This was made possible by working with colleagues in the computer science department to give meaning to the data already captured. In examining the data set, the project produced an analytic tool that can be used in the future.  A report was produced to examine the mental health of sex workers and student health workers which is a vital step in understanding their wellbeing.  The CHERISH funding was very valuable as the subject matter of this project often means that it is considered unsuitable or inappropriate for traditional funding streams.  This led to a CHERISH funded secondment to National Ugly Mugs to explore the feasibility of technologies for improving digital inclusion for sex workers. This included work with Open Lab (another EPSRC DE centre) which identified potential for further collaboration between the DE centres and the Consortium for Sexuality Studies.

Debbie has also just received CHERISH funding for a participatory workshop to explore current experiences of, and improve future developments in sex work support service delivery for sex workers. This will be held in partnership with key collaborators National Ugly Mugs, Safer Wales StreetLife and Include.