ADRe system

The project is working towards implementing a digitised version of the, already in use, Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRe) system which allows medical professionals to observe and treat adverse reactions to prescribed mental health medicines in Hywel Dda UHB. By adding ADRe to the NHS electronic record system, we hope to extend the reach of this successful diagnostic toolkit.  Using ADRe with 10 patients, all receiving mental health medicines and care in the community, resulted in letters being sent to the respective GPs of 8 patients and care co-ordinators of 4 patients to highlight risks that were identified in the process.  By identifying adverse events before they trigger hospitalisation, ADRe prevented serious harm and reduced costs to the NHS.  The trial highlighted the need for new features and possible development avenues for NHS electronic systems.

“It was surprising the amount of physical symptoms that our clients had and, if it had not been for this project, the symptoms could have continued to go unnoticed, unvalidated and untreated.”


For more information please follow this link to a infographic: ADRe system