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Civil Engineering

Here at Swansea we are developing the Civil Engineers of the future. Working in close collaboration with Industry, our research and academic community continues to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges facing society.

Based at Swansea University's Bay Campus we offer BEng and MEng undergraduate degrees with Year In Industry and Year Abroad options as well as postgraduate MScs in Civil, Computational and Structural Engineering. All our courses are accredited by the joint board of moderators including CIHT, ICE, IHE, IStructE and PWI and are regularly reviewed by industry partners to make sure they continue to be relevant and impactful.

Our research interests and expertise can be grouped into the following areas; Energy and Environment, Computational Engineering, Solids, Structures and Coupled systems, Materials and Sustainable practice, Transportation Engineering and Civil Engineering, Civic Mission and Society.

You can take a virtual tour of our main facilities below; these include our state-of-the-art Concrete, Geo/Soils, Fluids and Structural Teaching laboratories. All labs are equipped with the latest technology, giving students invaluable real-world experience, making them highly sought after by top employers upon graduation.

We strive for our department to be a place where students, staff and our industry and research partners can come together to address issues such as the climate emergency, net zero carbon target, extreme weather, and natural disasters in general.

Civil Engineering Webinars

Coastal Engineering

Explore the wide-ranging research that is being carried out by the coastal engineering research team

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How to Avoid Catching Covid in a Car

'How to Avoid Catching Covid in a Car' by Professor Chenfeng Li.

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Using advanced computer modelling to study

Discover how extreme weather impacts can be forecast and managed using advanced computer modelling.

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Civil Engineering is Accredited by the Joint Board of Moderators

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