At Swansea University we are committed to helping your organisation succeed in the current global economic climate. We want to support you in finding the best talent, and provide a gateway to our bank of over 20,000 students and graduates. 

Our internships, that can either be carried out in person or remotely, give you the benefits of our students’ specialist knowledge and allow you to see potential employees in action before hiring. 

By providing work experience, your organisation can mutually benefit our students, helping them develop their skills in a real-world environment, building their confidence in the new virtual workplace and expanding their professional network.

Could a virtual internship enhance your organisation?

To achieve this goal, we’re offering 50 fully funded 6 week internships (or part time equivalent).

So how does it work?

1. We will support you to find a Swansea University student for your role 

We can either advertise roles on our digital jobs board, or if you already have a Swansea University student in mind, just let us know.

2. Follow your normal HR process to on-board your new employee

We can support you with our internship pack. The temporary work contract should be for a minimum of 210 hours, paid at least Living Wage Foundation rates of pay (currently £9.30ph outside of London). As the intern’s employer, normal tax, NI, holiday and sick pay regulations will remain your responsibility.

3. Claim your grant of £2000

Once the internship pack has been signed by yourself, our employability specialists and your new intern, you can invoice us for this tax-free grant.

For further details, please email the employability team or visit our website to find out what other placement opportunities we can offer you. We’re looking forward to helping you find your next hire.

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