Are you an employer? Do you have a full or part-time project that could be managed virtually? If so, Swansea University could help you.

Swansea University provides a gateway to a bank of over 20,000 highly talented students and graduates to fill part-time vacancies, graduate roles, and work experience opportunities.

In light of the current climate, we have recently made the move towards virtual internships.

Virtual internships have multiple benefits: 

  • They allow students to work around their studies flexibly, giving you the best of their time, and abilities  
  • They provide you with the chance to move the culture and practices of your organisation forward, incorporating more agile and collaborative work styles supported by the best of new technology. 
  • Virtual internships can give you access to talented students all over the world, and in turn, we would be able to recommend students to work for you, wherever you are based. 
  • If you have limited space/resources, remote interns are ideal, and provide a solution to current social distancing protocol in the workplace. 
  • Virtual internships can be a creative solution for a wide range of projects, and are ideal for example, for social media and marketing campaigns or using other languages to open up new markets.   

Our internships, whether in-house or virtual, give you the benefits of our students’ specialist knowledge and allow you to see potential employees in action before hiring. By providing work experience, your organisation can mutually benefit our students, helping them develop their skills in a real-world environment, building their confidence and expanding their professional network. 

Our work experience programmes range from short taster experiences, to subject-specific year in industry placements, with grants available to support employers who employ students on a number of our internship programmes. 

Whether you want to develop the future of your organisation, or have a project you need completing, we have a work experience programme to suit your needs. 

For further details, visit our website, or please get in touch to discuss your organisation’s specific needs.   

Case Study 

This summer, the College of Engineering, the College of Science and the School of Management worked with the Enterprise Team at the University on a Skills Industry Challenge, where, for three weeks, students worked virtually in a multi-disciplined team on a challenge provided by industry.  

The company involved with the challenge was Aspire2Be, a celebrated learning technology company, based in Wales who are professional development partners of Apple, Google and Microsoft and who use AI methodology to co-construct bespoke digital solutions for clients in Education, Sport and Business.

Several students from the University were involved with all finding it an extremely valuable experience: 

“Aspire2Be were very friendly and helpful and were very organised and passionate about their company.  This internship challenged me in different ways as it was oriented towards marketing, but that gave me new experiences and I was able to apply the skills learnt in my engineering degree to tackle the tasks.  I was very impressed that Swansea University has been proactively encouraging people to take on internships and any other opportunities, which is crucial in such difficult times.” Alex Dobbins, year 2 student studying Aerospace Engineering

“I found this challenge really exciting. We worked together in a group of four on tasks involving marketing and data analytics - we co-ordinated our work through emails as we always met virtually. 

The Aspire2Be Team were amazing. They provided us with lots of information and support and the necessary database/software links. I was able to apply my marketing and strategy course module knowledge to a real-world project.  Overall, this was a fabulous learning experience, especially when you are mentored by a great team like A2B." Weethy Kumar, final year student studying an MSc in Management

“I wanted to improve my CV by completing some formal work and secure a reference to make applying to jobs for my placement year easier.  Working with Aspire2Be was challenging but enjoyable. I was very grateful for this opportunity as it was difficult finding a remote internship on my own.  Overall, this was a very rewarding experience with a wonderful team to boot.” Samuel Fuller, studying Software Engineering with a Year in Industry

“Virtual working certainly has its advantages but can be challenging. However, any challenges during this four-week project were overcome by the four successful applicants being intuitive, being very proactive and by each showcasing an excellent range of skills to support Aspire 2Be and in particular, the marketing team within Aspire 2Be, to take the online learning platform, AspirEd to a much wider audience.” Simon Pridham, Education Partner at Aspire2Be
“We often hear that industry are looking for fresh, innovative ideas to develop their business model and solve problems, especially in times of such uncertainty.  An entrepreneurial mindset is something we are working to instil in our students by offering them opportunities like this where they work in multi-disciplinary groups resolving real world issues which companies face.” Kelly Jordan, Entrepreneurship Officer at Swansea University

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