Picture showing seaweed farm buoy @Car-Y-Mor

Picture showing seaweed farm buoy @Car-Y-Mor

The Swansea University, Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR), hosted a webinar on the 22nd of September 2022 focusing on IMTA: Seaweed and shellfish Welsh licencing challenges.

The webinar was well attended with 17 participants representing NGOs, the Welsh Government and SMEs. Dr Sara Barrento facilitated the workshop by providing two pre-webinar activities aiming to identify the key environmental and social licencing challenges. Jon Moore provided an overview of the licencing process focusing on the pre-application steps: all the data, and evidence that needs to be gathered before applying.

The next webinar will be on the 17th of February, for this session, we aim to establish a network, steering group to have ongoing discussions on resolving key barriers to developing this aquaculture sector in Wales.

If you would like to join the email list please contact Dr Sara Barrento 

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