The Challenge of Reconnecting the Salmon Rivers of Wales

Habitat fragmentation caused by instream barriers is a leading cause of loss of river biodiversity and is responsible for the decline of Atlantic salmon and other migratory fish in Wales, and elsewhere.

The situation of Atlantic salmon in Wales is critical, and all populations have been declared ‘at risk’ or ‘probably at risk" by Natural Resources Wales. Our recent assessments indicate that this is in part due to the high extent of habitat fragmentation.

In collaboration with our partners Natural Resources Wales, Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water, Afonydd Cymru, West Wales Rivers trust, the Wye and Usk Foundation and the Afan Valley Angling and Conservation Club, we will remove and/or ease disused barriers and help reconnect 141 km of fragmented river habitats across Wales.

In addition, we will use our Barrier Tracker app to engage with local communities and showcase the benefits of collaboration in river restoration among the regulator, the water provider, the scientists and the local river communities.

flowing river in Wales
map showing the rivers to be intervened in Wales

Our project will benefit people and nature

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Len Powell

In memory of Len Powell, Vice President, Trustee and former Treasurer of the Afan Valley Angling and Conservation Club, who did so much to improve the conservation of Welsh Rivers