About CSAR

The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research, CSAR, is a centre of excellence founded in 2003 with support from the European Union, Welsh Government and Swansea University.

Equipped with modern, fully programmable recirculating aquaculture systems, CSAR carries out applied research on a diverse range of aquatic organisms, from temperate to tropical and marine to freshwater environments.


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In pursuit of excellence in sustainable aquaculture

CSAR operates from state-of-the-art, controlled environment facilities in Swansea University's College of Science.

CSAR conducts research and technological development, and provides training and advice on behalf of commercial farmers/aquaculture service providers, funding agencies and governmental institutions, in the UK and internationally.

Expertise, facilities and activities

In addition to its own experimental facilities, CSAR has direct access to comprehensive expertise and laboratories across Swansea University, encompassing biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, histo-pathology, water chemistry, systems engineering, bio-processing technologies and complex fluids processing.

CSAR supports undergraduate and MSc research projects, as well as a vibrant postgraduate research programme in Aquaculture and Fisheries (MRes, PhD). It also makes provisions for vocational training and offers internships and placements for University and Industry.