Historical Research at Swansea is conducted by historians and others studying the past working in the departments of History, Politics, and Ancient History, Classics and EgyptologyThere is a breadth of specialism across the unit that incorporates history, material culture, archaeology and literature. Our geographical coverage includes specialists on Europe, North America and Asia. Our chronological coverage spans from the ancient past to the history of the present. As it has been since the history department's formation a century ago, engagement and impact is at the heart of all our research activities. 

We work with government bodies, community groups, international charities and broadcast media to utilize our research to:

·         enrich lives through participating in historical research;

·         participate in commemorative initiatives connecting with communities;

·         shape school curricula through public talks and contributing materials;

·         make a meaningful contribution to social equality and economic regeneration.

Through publishing works of international significance, securing grants and collaborating with external agencies and communities, we aim to produce research that is transformational within and without the academy.

Our Pioneering Research: