Operations Team Leader

Nicola Hodgson, Academic Quality Engagement Officer, Operations Team Leader

Nicola Hodgson, Academic Quality Engagement Officer, Operations Team Leader



Nikki joined Academic Quality Services in January 2020, having previously worked as a restaurant manager. She works primarily in the External Engagement Team, managing the External Examiners’ systems and providing support in the quality oversight of collaborative partnerships. Nikki is also directly involved in maintaining up-to-date, centralised records of the University’s Professional Accreditations. Nikki received both her BSc (Zoology) and MRes from Swansea University.

Nikki is resposnsible for developing and maintaining relatioships with External Examiners, Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies, and additionally, leads the Operations Team.

Email: nicola.hodgson@swansea.ac.uk

Academic Quality Assurance Assistant


Christopher Bird, Academic Quality Assurance Assistant



Chris is working as an Academic Quality Assurance Assistant in a key support function for Academic Quality Services, helping it to deliver its role in supporting the University’s Quality function and maintaining standards. He has over 18 years’ experience working in various quality and operational roles in the private sector food manufacturing industry and brings this experience to the team to order to provide general administrative support for the Academic Quality Services team and contribute to ongoing process improvements and quality enhancements.

Chris is facilitating key committee meetings and maintaining good communications between committee/meeting members. He is also responsible for document collation, filing and record-keeping for committees, meetings and Quality Reviews, and processing External Examiner payments.

Email: bird@swansea.ac.uk