A light in the dark

In times of crisis, we become increasingly reliant on one another. From your family and friends, healthcare workers and emergency services to your local supermarkets and curriers. The ongoing global pandemic has, for many, refocused our priorities and behaviours to ensure we have the capabilities and knowledge to beat the virus and return to normal as soon as possible. Since the outbreak began, Swansea University has been working hard to ensure we tackle the crisis head-on and provide opportunities, right across the institution, for people to join us in the fight ahead. We responded quickly with immediate practical measures such as the manufacture of PPE, sanitiser and ventilators, and have progressively campaigned for emergency financial support for our most vulnerable students while providing the world-class researchers with the funding required to dig beneath the surface of the global pandemic.

We have astounded by the ongoing and incredible support from our united Swansea community. You have been the candles in the dark, and together, we can shine brightly on these darker days.