"Swansea was a magical time for me, if I could go back, I would tomorrow"

We are delighted to recognise Mr Alan Gudgin, Economics student (Class of 1960), an extraordinary supporter who tells us about his time as part of the University's choral society and why he chose to remember the University in his Will.

Why did you choose to remember Swansea University in your will?

It goes back to when I was an undergraduate, and I joined the choral society in my first term. I felt that I had gained so much from being part of the choral society that I really wanted to give something back.

What can you tell us about the University and choral society back then?

The University, or College as it was then, was so small that you knew everybody so well. There were 40 people in the choir and only 750 students in the college. Even though the College was small and we didn’t have phones or the technology available today, we made our own entertainment, and the choral society played a huge role in that. When I was a student, all funding for societies came from the Students Union, and I have always questioned how students would continue to afford participating in societies and getting the most out of them.

Tell us about the ‘Alan Gudgin Choral Scholarship’

The scholarship aims to support and enhance choral scholarships at the University, to ensure the tradition of choral music at Swansea University lives on for as long as possible.

What motivated you to give?

The development and growth of the University and Music in particular urged me to create a fund that will enhance and support choral music at Swansea. I wanted to give back to an institution that enabled me to gain so much alongside my studies. We had the opportunity to sing a wide range of music, from classical repertoire by Mozart, Handel, Vivaldi and Faure to traditional Welsh folk songs. I have benefitted from these experiences for most of my life. I will be pleased to know that the tradition of music at Swansea is getting so much support and I am delighted to be able to support the enjoyment and enhancement of singing.

What is your fondest memory?

The choral society brings all subjects together.  My favourite memory was participating in the Inter-Collegiate Eisteddfod that involved 4 of the local Welsh colleges and took place during the Easter Term. Both travel and accommodation was free as this was supported by the student’s union. I understand that things are very different now, which is part of the reason I wanted to support the University in this way.

What do you hope the scholarship achieves?

I hope it helps maintain the tradition of choral music, enabling the University to benefit from what the choral scholar is able to bring, and what the scholarship gives to the individual.

Would you recommend leaving a legacy to Swansea University

Absolutely. Swansea was a magical time for me, if I could go back, I would tomorrow.