In the footsteps of elephants

With Dr Kate Evans for International Women’s Day.

Join Dr Kate Evans on her personal journey; from the Swansea University graduate who went off to save the African elephant, to the Founder of the charity Elephants for Africa. She will take us on her adventures, beginning with a promise she made to an elephant when she was just 7 years old. A promise that still drives her today as she heads up the Elephants for Africa team.

It took Kate a while to realise that in order to conserve the African elephant she needed to work with people. People that may not see an elephant as a majestic animal that has the right to roam this earth. People that do not see them as individuals with needs and wants, that care for others as much as we do. People that fear them, hate them, and do not want them to be on their lands as they struggle to turn dust into food for their children. People who just want their children to be able to walk to school safely, and to be able to grow enough crops to sell so they can afford to send their children to school.

So what are the answers? Can humans and wildlife live side by side? This is something Kate and the team at Elephants for Africa is striving to achieve.

Watch the lecture:

Dr Kate Evans - Biography

Dr Kate Evans

Dr Kate Evans is Founder and Director of Elephants for Africa. She is an award-winning behavioural ecologist and conservation biologist who conducted her PhD ‘The behavioural ecology and movements of adolescent male African elephant in the Okavango Delta, Botswana’ through the University of Bristol, after studying Zoology at Swansea. Her interest in male elephants has expanded to focus on the social and ecological requirements of male elephants in the context of a human landscape.

With over 20 years of experience as a field biologist throughout Southern Africa on a variety of species, she has a solid understanding of the challenges of large mammal conservation, the complexities of conflict and the importance of stakeholder relationships.
Kate is a member of the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre and the Elephant Specialist Advisory Group.