A collage of photos from the apple pressing activity

Sustainability Welcome Session

At the start of the new term, we wanted to do something special to welcome our new and returning students, staff and community onto campus.

Crymlyn Burrows SSSI, next to Bay Campus has lots of brilliant apple trees and we decided to pick a few (leaving plenty for the natural environment) and press them into juice! Ben our Biodiversity Officer, alongside his ‘Year in Industry’ students, went out and picked some amazing varieties including the “Crymlyn Red”, a very large sweet/juicy variety.

The next day we set up our manual apple pressing machine on Singleton Campus and welcomed in students, staff and the community to cut, chop and press the apples into fresh juice for everyone to enjoy.

We also had a big strawberry plant giveaway from our gardening session beds which was a huge success. A minimum of 40 strawberry plants were given away and 40 sustainable containers of fresh apple juice!

A brilliant opportunity for us to inform everyone on all the sustainable actions they can get involved with in and around campus from SWell, Beach cleans, SOS, Global Citizen Award and our social media channels. Read more on our Get Involved webpage.

Special thanks to Campus Life for supporting us on the day.

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