Tak Yin Crystal Au

Tak Yin Crystal Au

Hong Kong
BSc Business Management

Why did you choose to study your course?

The course was so varied but also gave me the opportunity to study modules such as finance, which is what I excel in. After graduating, I hope to work in fashion investment.

What has your experience been as an international student so far?

I was worried at first that I would find it difficult to make friends but I was wrong. Everyone is so friendly and I’ve met so many friends from across the world. There are so many societies to join too which is a great way to make friends.

What was the application process like as an international student?

I worked alongside agents to secure my place at University but it was very straightforward.

Have you joined any societies?

I have joined the Investment Society, Hong Kong Society and Music Society (I play the piano) I would advise any international student that it’s important to join a society instead of staying in your room. You’ll be surprised how quickly you make new friends!

What is your accommodation like?

In my first year I was based on Bay Campus. The accommodation was so modern and so close to the School of Management, which is where I had my lectures. I am now living with friends in the centre of Swansea so I get the best of both worlds.

What do you love about Swansea as a city?

It’s compact and so easy to travel between town and campus. It’s a great mixture of city and country living and I love being so close to the sea.

Since starting at the University, what are your favourite things about the University?

Admin as a student is really straightforward and the university is great at helping you if you want to change your modules. The lecturers are so approachable and helpful also, great when you’re an overseas student.