Mikey Denman

Mikey Denman

BSc Adult Nursing

I decided to study through the medium of Welsh as I feel strongly about Welsh.

As a Welsh speaker, Swansea University and Coleg Cymraeg have offered me incredible opportunities, to be part of the S4C documentary 'Nurses' by following my student journey in the first year of the nursing course. It was an unforgettable experience. I have also been given opportunities to represent the Coleg Cymraeg and Swansea University by sharing my experiences as a nursing student with prospective students in schools as they consider their next step after A levels.

I was selected to represent the University's Student Academy Leaders team. Since then, I have been invited to speak at a conference on the importance of the Welsh language in leadership.

After great results and unrivalled support on the first module I studied through the medium of Welsh, I have decided to write all my essays in Welsh. The Welsh language support is excellent including my personal Welsh tutor and other lecturers who give Swansea University a homely atmosphere.

I received the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Incentive Scholarship. The Scholarship means that I have been able to continue my studies through the medium of Welsh which has made my experience so much better. From a financial perspective, receiving £500 a year over the course of my degree has helped me significantly reduce that burden.