Hiu Lam Chau

Hiu Lam Chau

Hong Kong
BSc Psychology

I am a Year 2 student studying Psychology at Swansea University and the thing I enjoy the most is the wide range of modules, from clinical psychology to developmental psychology.

The first and most obvious thing I love about Swansea is the fact that it is surrounded by water. This means there are plenty of beautiful beaches everywhere. I personally love having barbecues and hanging out with friends at the beach during the summer. It is the most relaxing thing you can do after a long day of studying!

The second thing I like about Swansea is the range of restaurants here. One of the hardest thing as an international student is being homesick but here in Swansea, there are so many cuisines, from Japanese food to Chinese food, and even Thai food. These cuisines are the most common cuisines we would have in Hong Kong. Therefore, every time I go to these restaurants, it makes me feel like home and the feeling of homesick would just go right away!

Last but not least is the living cost at Swansea. Unlike the big cities, the cost of living here is much lower compared to cities like London. This is also one of the reason why I chose to study at Swansea!

Most international students might fear that they won’t be able to get along with the local students because of the language barrier but Swansea University provides a range of clubs and events for student to participate in. This makes it so much easier for international students to discover their interests while studying and meet new people.

Another reason why I would recommend Swansea University to other international students is because the professors and staffs here are incredible helpful and friendly. Therefore, whenever I come across any problems, I can just talk to them directly without any hesitation!